On Becoming A Green-Friendly Custodian

Both the hard covered and online dictionary version gives readers a number of definitions in regard to the personal pronoun ‘custodian’. This short note introduces you to just a little more than the office building or school custodian. Just who is this person exactly? You will know him as the local janitor. Or to verge towards the technical; a cleaning technician. Speaking of which, there is almost nothing technical about this particular custodian’s custodial supplies.

Let’s rephrase this statement to fall in line with this environmentally-friendly theme (to keep it that way, please do not print this document) on becoming a green-friendly custodian. Like many people in life, he may not have been environmentally conscious to begin with. Pressure could have been brought to bear upon him by management to cut down on his custodial supplies expenditure. Having access to a desktop computer in his own little office, he did his homework.

And having come across the environmentally friendly solutions as part of his research into cost-cutting measures, the nature of his due diligence was, well, diligent. He learned soon enough that one of the biggest building management expenses was connected to the power supply. So out the window (figuratively speaking, of course) went the vacuum cleaners and floor polishers. And in its place came a new set of custodial supplies through the newly installed green door.

custodial supplies

Floor mops, brooms and cleaning rags, all made from recycled materials. And would you believe that so many of these materials have been retrieved from an infernal, foul-smelling dumpsite near you. Hardworking men and women have risked their own lives in navigating these toxic dumpsites to bring you new cleaning materials and implements that are not only going to save your environment but your lives too.