Tips And Tricks For Those Using Dry Erase Boards

The use of a rewritable surface can be very useful in a varied of different situations.  Dry erase boards or as they are more commonly known, whiteboards, are large flat surfaces that can be written on, erased and then written on again.  With these boards coming in a wide range of different sizes as well as printed patterns, people have come up with a vast array of uses for them.  Here are just a few.


The first place we will find them is in the classroom.  These boards have taken the place of traditional chalkboards.  The teacher can now stand in front of the classroom and with a multitude of different colors start teaching a student or a group of students on any topic they need to learn.  Teachers can also supply the students with these boards in a smaller form so that they can write answers to questions.  Showing the boards to the teacher the teacher can quickly scan the room and get an immediate response.

Take a photograph

When in a meeting or when working on a project ideas will flow all over the boards.  Spending several hours or days can be tedious and no one will want to transfer those notes from the board to paper.  The way that you can avoid this is by taking a photo or several photos of the board.  You can do this using a digital camera.  Once you have the photos they can be emailed or uploaded to the cloud for others to see.

Cleaning the board


When using the board a paper towel or dry rag will do.  However, if for some reason you have excess materials or if someone used the wrong marker you can use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to help remove the marks.  Be careful on what supplies you use some may cause damage to the board.